5 Most Important Things to Consider while Choosing a Preschool/Daycare

Preschool is your child’s experience away from you. As a parent; you would like to check all aspects at preschool before making the final decision. To help kickstart your preschool search, we have rounded up 5 important factors, as suggested by Chalk and Duster Preschools & Daycare, that could be considered while making final choice of preschool/daycare:

1. The educational philosophy of school and staff qualification

The goal of preschool is to help children acquire social, learning and related skills. When choosing a preschool, you need to keep in mind if you want to put your child in a “developmental” or “academic” preschool. From Montessori to Waldorf to Reggio-Emilia, each preschool will have a particular daily structure and typical activities. So, make sure to ask what would be a typical day like at preschool?

2. The opportunity to play and learn in class 

The main motto should be to provide children a holistic learning that should be based on combination of latest & age-old methods of teaching and academics side by side. To set your children’s expectation, have clear knowledge of classroom rules. Your child should know about playtime, learning time, activity time and snacks & break time. Check if teachers possess necessary qualifications and if they have got regular training session to improve their teaching skills. Enablers of skilled and trained teacher will prove to be an inspiration for your children and aspire them to develop positive qualities.

3.    If preschool is suitable for your child’s needs? 

Some kids are very anxious leaving parent while some are independent. Ask for details of how school is going to make settlement process easy for kids, assistance on Potty training and are meals provided? Then you decide that these things will be suitable as per need and requirement of your child.

4.    Precautions for child’s safety:

You should ask preschool about safety & security precaution to make sure that children are properly supervised indoors and outdoors. Another important question is about pick-up and drop-off policy. Ask preschool about CPR, paediatric first aid training of staff. Also ask about what approach school follows when a child gets hurt? Check infrastructure and play equipment for child at school.

5. Will Preschool provide references? Word of mouth is priceless! Ask preschool, if they provide a reference from mother, who is already using preschool/ daycare. Mom’s reference will help you know in and out of school, their working process and other important insights. This way you will be able to evaluate preschool from a mom’s perspective.