Top Preschools/Daycares Bringing Transparency for Parents the Right Way

Infants and toddlers are very small to be able to communicate specific details and update their parents thus it’s become very important for a preschool to be really very communicative & transparent to the parents. Technology always helps a preschool/daycare in being a transparent & trustworthy. When it comes to early education, transparency is the must factor for building confidence in parents.

Nowadays many leading centers; Kindercare, Maple Bear, Neldrac, Nectar’s Cove, Perfections, Youngin, The Courtyard, First Step, Crystal, Chalk & Duster and Sswings Preschool & Daycare are using Parenting Apps to be transparent and honest with parents regarding regular updates on children’s activities that took place at the center. Below are few of the major features of a quality Preschool/Daycare App:

  • Live Parent Messages(with our without CCTV)
  • Meals/ Diaper/Nap
  • Events/Circular Digital Board
  • Photos/Videos
  • Learning & Development
  • Inquiries
  • Fee & Payment

Writing notes, emailing, texting are several ways of communicating to parents but very much time consuming. An app helps teachers to connect, communicate and coordinate with parents. Below are the advantages of using preschool/daycare app:

  • Management of Preschool/Daycare becomes very easy & it increases the efficiency of staffs at preschool/daycare.
  • Provides the ability to connect and network with parents, staff and other professional peers.
  • Good communication has proven to help people better understand each other, thus App has given a means to communicate with busy parents to build trust building.
  • If any parent or guardian that seems unresponsive or difficult; App gives a way to eliminate frustration for both parties and help in problem solving.

ProEves Edge is a specially crafted App by keeping a mother’s choice in mind as well as to make preschool/daycare daily management easy. ProEves works closely with the preschool/daycares to power them further on Technology and supporting them in building the best parent value proposition.