Top Tips to celebrate Fun Holi with your Toddler

Holi; the festival of colours & the festival of love. Holi celebrates the victory of good over evil. It is to forget & forgive and repair broken relationships. It is celebrated to welcome the season of spring with enjoyment and pray for good harvests. Holi is children’s favourite festival because they get to play with colours, they can get wet as much as they want & they get to enjoy lots of sweets with family & friends.

Here are some expert tips for parents to ensure a safe and enjoyable Holi for our kids; these simple points will help you & your child to enjoy the Holi to the fullest:

  1. Adult supervision at all times is important. Do not leave children alone.
  2. Since the floor will be wet, instruct children to be careful while running.
  3. If a large drum is based to store water for Holi, make sure children do not lean into the drum. Young children can fall into the drum.
  4. Use gel colors instead of powder colors to protect the skin since they are easy to remove. Also gel colors do not get blown into the eyes of children.
  5. Water balloons should be avoided. Pichkaari should be used away from the face, especially the ears and eyes.
  6. If you have to travel on Holi, make sure that the windows of the car are closed so that balloons/colors are blocked from coming in.
  7. Make sure that the driver is not under the influence of bhang or alcohol. Surveys have shown that road accidents increase by 30-40% during. So please drive carefully.
  8. Do not let children put any colors in the mouth. If color goes in your or your child’s eyes wash with plenty of water and do not rub the eyes.
  9. Make children wear full sleeves clothes and long pants to protect the sensitive skin of the child. Also, apply oil or cream all over the body to prevent the colors from sticking on skin or hair.
  10. Parents should also have emergency contact numbers ready.

Have a fun filled, colourful & safe Holi!