Top 4 Fun Summer Activities for preschooler kids | Proeves Learning Lab

Is summer scarring you? Not so much because of how hot it gets, but because of the phrase you know you are going to hear.

 Mom!  I’m so bored!”  Here is what I’ve come up with to help you combat the boredom in your home.

Pom Pom Sorting

This activity is not only one that will help develop fine motor skills in your child.

Supplies required – Pom pom balls, Clothes pins, Bowls

Directions- This sorting activity was using the clothes pins to capture the pom pom balls and transfer them over.   Pour some pom poms into a bowl and a single clothes pin. And ask child to sort the colored pom pom in different bowls with same color in each bowl

Crayon Push Activity

Supplies required – Crayons, Juice container (or something similar), Scissors

Directions- Cut three holes in the top of the lid just big enough for a crayon and cut off any sharp edges push a crayon back and forth through the holes to make sure it was just big enough that the crayons could go through. This also helped smooth everything.

Cardboard Box Coloring

This activity requires two simple things a big cardboard box and crayons. Stick your toddler in the box and voila he’s occupied creating mommy a masterpiece! 

Juice-Pouch Rocket

In this rocket uses the power of compressed air to launch. 

Supplies required – Empty juice pouch, 1 flexible straw, 1 standard straw; colored card, tape, modeling clay

Directions- Insert the pointed end of the straw into the straw hole of the juice pouch.

Cut the second straw in half.. Make three trapezoids from cardstock, in the dimensions: 3 inches (base) x 1 inch (height) x 3/4 inches (top). Set 2 aside to be full fins. Cut the last one in half vertically. Tape the full fins on each side of the straw. Don’t flatten the straw.

Tape one half-fin perpendicularly to each full fin as shown .Add tape to decorate the straw (optional)

Roll a small bit of clay into a ball. Add this to the top to seal the straw completely.

To launch the rocket, fill the pouch by blowing into the flexible straw. Bend the flexible straw to aim and place the rocket straw over the end.