Top Essential Life Skills to Assist Your Child Succeed | Proeves Learning Lab

Life Skills means skills that helps in learning skills, which may be developed through daily activities

Focus and Self-Control

Talk along with your child about what to try and do day by day. Arrange systematically your home so child should know where to keep shoes, coats, and personal belongings. Encourage activities like reading a book, enjoying sensory activities, or completing a puzzle together can help your child slow down and increase focus.


Point out the emotions of others. Reading books and talking about the books characters may be feeling in the book. Talk about your own emotions. Help the child problem-solve situations to make  someone feel better.


Spend time with your child without distractions. Communication is the basics of relationships and is essential for learning, play and social interaction.

Making Connections

 Making connections is just another way to describe learning how things are related to each other  and how the physical world works. 

Critical Thinking

 Critical thinking happens when children draw on their existing knowledge and experience, as well as  on their problem-solving skills, to do things like: Compare and contrast. Explain why things happen

Taking on Challenges

Challenges are important as they give you experiences.  Allow and promote your child to take risk-taking. Like a toddler learn to walk, by falling and bumping into a few things. 

Self-Directed, Engaged Learning

Children learn best when they’re fully engaged. Involve them in learning in ways that pullout their social, emotional and cognitive capacities.