The Expert-Led Way To Homeschool Your Child.

Shutting down schools around the world has compelled parents to homeschool their children in these tough times. With the global pandemic taking over the world, parents are struggling to figure out how to navigate through this situation, leaving most parents confused and worried about the safety and education of their children. Left with no other physical schooling options available, parents are encouraged to engage their kids at home and continue their education through homeschooling. But homeschooling a child is not easy as it sounds especially for first-timers.

Here are some of the most common mistakes parents make while homeschooling their children:

High Expectations– Parents who are homeschooling their children, especially the first-timers, tend to overestimate their kid’s background knowledge, skills, attention level, and dedication to the homeschool process. They build up unrealistic expectations leading to undue pressure on their little ones. Give yourself and your child some time and try to build upon small wins.

Absence Of A Schedule – Children are used to having a schedule in school and therefore, creating a similar structure or schedule for them at home helps them in falling into the pattern easily. You can prepare a routine including lunch breaks, activity time, and TV breaks to help them manage their time well. This will not only help the child and also help you plan any work meetings to match their schedule, which is gonna benefit you and your child.

Confusing Learning With Output – Just completing an entire worksheet does not mean that the child is clear with the concept. A parent homeschooling a child should always focus on learning rather than the output of paperwork. Being a parent, you must constantly access your child’s learning and make adjustments to the schedule accordingly.

Unorganised Learning Environment– Every child needs a proper environment that best suits their learning and creativity. Therefore, even at home, create a space for them to learn with all the essentials available. Children may move around during the day but having a dedicated space while learning helps them concentrate and perform better.

Ignoring Your Child’s Input – With so many changes going on in our daily routine, we mostly tend to forget to check with the child about their views on the present set-up. Always communicate with the child before planning any schedule which includes them and welcomes their ideas as well. It means so much to them, and you might be surprised at what they come up with!

To conclude, learning how to homeschool is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. It needs time and patience from both – parents and children, to incorporate it into your present schedule, and you will be surprised to learn how incredibly rich and rewarding an experience it can be. As the world battles a deadly pandemic, it is important and essential that children continue their education through homeschooling so that learning never stops.

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