Top 6 benefits of teaching phonics to your preschooler | Proeves Learning Lab

Every parent is delighted to see their child grow. A child’s first step, first work and also reading for the first time are moments which all parents wants to witness. Children naturally learn to walk and talk but reading is something that must be taught. And past research has already proven that when phonics is taught at the basic level, in a structured way, starting with the easiest sounds to the most complex, it is the most effective way of teaching a child to read. 

Here are some of the advantages of teaching phonics to your child: 

Sound to Symbol Recognition– children who starts their reading journey with phonics tend to have an amazing phonemic awareness with includes the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate letter symbols with appropriate sound.

Reading becomes Better – “Practice makes perfect” and similarly with phonics, which is an important tool for children to develop reading fluency, with time, children are able to develop into fluent readers who are able to quickly recognize familiar words.

 Makes easy Sounding Out Unfamiliar Words – Phonics also help children to sound out words which they are not familiar with easily. Teaching phonics aids children in finding the regular patterns of words and connect the same for easy reading.

Improves vocabulary and Language – Phonics let children to read faster. And extensive reading leads in broadening their vocabulary and general knowledge.

Becomes Better Spellers – When children learn phonograms, they know how to break a sound and spell it correctly, thereby becoming netter spellers.

Builds Patience and Concentration – Mostly when children practice reading, they prefer sitting in a quite place and focus on the content. This habit leads to build patience and concentration over time.

No doubt, each and every child is an individual, having their own learning styles. Phonics education is one the method that can be incorporated into a absolute and complete reading program that encourages children not only to recognize whole words by sight but also creates opportunities for extensive reading and creative writing. Teaching phonics is way making reading fun and engaging for the child.

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