Top 10 Fun Online Educational Games for Preschoolers | Proeves Learning Lab

Most parents think that online games do more harm than good to their children, however playing games online can also be beneficial for your children’s skills development, provided parents create reasonable guidelines with their children and create positive agreements around playing online games. There are a many fun and age appropriate games online that not only provide opportunities for children to exercise their creativity but also aids in setting goals, practice persistence, develop responsibility, and even learn new information.

Before introducing any online games to your child its better to take a moment to review and select a game that you are comfortable with. For instance – whether the games s age appropriate or not, and how its going to benefit your child, etc. Understanding how these online games actually work and the benefits of playing games online can help you make a decision on whether or not your child should play such game.

Games have also been proven to improve long-term memory and other important skills. A mundane routine and boredom often lead to mental stagnation. Online games can step in to fill up this vacuum, keeping the kid not only occupied but also enhance learning.

Below are some of the best online games that you can offer your child – 

1. Fun Brain

2. Maths Game Time –

3. Start Fall –

4. Story Place –

5. National Geographic Kids

6. Cookie –

7. Kids Matching Game –

8. ABC Kids

9. Educational Games For Kids –

10. Kids Puzzles Games Free –

For the last several years, we’ve heard all about how limiting screen time is best for children, and that kids are losing out socially and emotionally because of the lack of interaction. Being a parent, we also feel that game time needs to be cut off if we want our child to succeed. But in the current scenario, educators and child development experts are now doubling down on screen time in place of some traditional instruction time. The key to making this work is selecting right games and programs that not only engage the child but that also can help them develop critical thinking skills and boost educational performance.