6 ways to boost language development in toddlers | Proeves Learning Lab

Delay in language is one of the most common type of developmental delays among children. No doubt, children develop at different rates, but they usually are able to do certain amount of things at certain stage. Similarly, learning to communicate is an exciting milestone that begins right from birth. Parents plays a significant role in Child’s language development. Research has proven that children who are read to and and interacted a lot during early childhood have better vocabulary than those who haven’t.

Here are some of the ways to help your toddlers develop their language skills:- 

Talk-Talk-Talk – Try to talk and interact with your little one as much as you can. Narrate the entire day as it evolves. For example – It’s time to wake up. Are you still sleepy? What you want for breakfast? I have made yummy sandwich for you… 

Read to Them – Another interesting way of developing language is reading to them on a daily basis. No, it’s never too early to start reading to your little one. Make a routine, so that it becomes easier for both of you to follow. Start with short story books with lots of pictures so as to grab the attention of the child. This will also help a child develop love for books. 

 It’s Play Time –  Make time to sit down with your child and play together. May it be for a few minutes, but actively involve yourself and play with the toys and other stuffs. Be a little silly, make different sounds and noises, and laugh together.

Sing Together – Toddlers love music and rhymes. Teach your child plenty of simple songs and rhymes and sing them together. Singing together is not only fun but it is also a great way to build language.

Let the child lead – If your child finds something interesting, keep talking about it. If its a picture or an object she points at, narrate something related to it. Show that you are genuinely interested and would love to discuss more about it. Repeat each and every babbles, ask questions, and interact as much as you can.

Avoid criticism – never criticize your child for wrong articulation or speech patterns, instead repeat the exact statement back to the child with the correct pronunciation. And don’t forget to praise your child for his efforts.

As parents we all know, words aren’t the only way of communication. Children point, make eye contact, and use body language to give us messages. Recognizing, encouraging, and positively reinforcing enhances speech production and language. The only secret to help your child learn language is simply: talk together lots and listen lots.