5 Best New Year DIY Activities for Kids | Proeves Learning Lab

Are you looking for some fun and entertaining New Year’s Eve Ideas for Kids? Spending your New Year’s Eve with kids can be a lot of fun. And kids will especially love helping to count down to the New Year.

Monday Activity – Sparkly Cupcakes
It’s hard to think of something more perfect for a kids’ party than cupcakes! These New Years Eve sparkle cupcakes are the perfect way to celebrate the start of a new year! There’s just something so fun and exciting about all those beautiful colored sprinkles!  A perfectly colorful way to celebrate the new year! Recipe here

Tuesday Activity – Party Blowers
These party blowers from DIY Candy are simply hilarious! And they’re super easy to make too! Just draw the outline on a white paper plate, cut, color and insert a blower. You’re all set for some fun photos for the party!

Wednesday Activity – 2021 Printable Colouring Hats
Kids love making stuff that they can later use – whether it is to play with or in this case, wear!! These printable coloring hats are perfect for a last-minute activity. Just print out the cards and let the kids color in. Hand them the required craft supplies and let them do the rest!

Thursday Activity – Countdown clock using paper plates
Start by making the numbers on your paper plate clock face. You can use number stickers or write them with a sharpie. Cut out two clock hands for your clock using card paper or foam sheets. Punch a hole in each clock hand. Poke a hole in the center of your plate. Attach the clock hands to your clock with a brad. Decorate your clock with a sprinkle of glitters, sequins or spirals.

Friday Activity – New Year Cheer Song
Here’s a New Year song for kids. Sing along with your little ones and ring in the new year.