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Top 5 Jungle Animals Theme Activities for Preschoolers | Proeves Learning Lab

Are you looking for jungle themed activities for toddlers and preschoolers ? You have come to the right place. Bring the jungle right into your home with these incredible preschool activities featuring jungle animals ! Teach your little one all about the animals, bugs, and creatures of the wild jungle. 

1. Monday Activity – Where the animals live in a jungle?
This video will help children and toddlers become familiar with different kinds of jungle animals and their habitats. You will see pictures of the animals and then a video of the animals in action.


2. Tuesday Activity – What do Jungle Animals Eat ?
As they get to learn about different jungle animals, children will surely be curious to know what do the jungle animals eat. Explain to them various jungle animals and the food they eat.
Eg. PANTHERS – eat meat, SNAKES – eat rodents, frogs, small animals. MONKEYS – eat bananas, and other fruits. ZEBRAS and Giraffes – eat leaves and tall grasses. GIRAFFES – eat leaves off tall trees. ELEPHANTS – eat leaves from trees, shrubs, and shoots. CHEETAHS and Alligators  – eat meat. RHINOCEROS– eat plants. HIPPOPOTAMUS – eat grasses. BIRDS – eat insects and seeds.

3. Wednesday Activity – Rumble in the Jungle Story

Join this rhyming safari and meet everyone from the elphing elephant, gangly giraffe, and even the terrible tiger!
This little audiobook will be a great introduction to all of the jungle animals. Kids will find this really enjoyable.

4. Thursday Activity – DIY Lion Craft Activity

Have fun doing this creative DIY Lion Craft activity with your preschooler / toddler.

5. Friday Activity – Guess the Animal Sound Game
Guess the sound of animals before the time runs out. A Fun game for todders and preschoolers.