Tulsi Ajwain Kadha: To build Immunity, fight Cold and Flu in Children in Winter | Proeves Learning Lab

Parents are always worried about their toddler’s health. With changes in weather, toddlers or babies often tend to catch cold which is due to virus & cannot be treated with antibiotics.

There are many effective home remedies which you can give to toddlers as like Steaming, Nasal drops, Elevating head, Warm Water, Mustard oil massage, Turmeric Milk, Tulsi – Ajwain Kadha, Eucalyptus oil, etc.

One such recipe which does wonders to my toddler is Tulsi – Ajwain Kadha.

4-5 Tulsi leaves
1 tsp Ajwain
1/2” grated ginger
½ tsp cinnamon powder
1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Coriander powder
A pinch Sitopaladi
1 glass water

Boil everything together (except jaggery) till water comes down to 1/4th quantity. Turn off the gas & add jagerry. Let the mixture cool & then strain everything & store it in a glass container in refrigerator.
You can give 2 spoons of this kadha to your child everyday (specially during winters) – morning after waking up & bedtime before sleeping. (Just make sure you remove it from the refrigerator & let it come to normal temperature).  It will definitely build immunity & make your child feel better. Also for babies from 6months to 1 year please avoid cinnamon, sitopaladi and for the other ingredients do consult your pediatrician.

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