Managing your Kid’s Screen Time this Vacation | Proeves Learning Lab

Whenever your kids are on holidays, aren’t you tired of listening that Mom! I am bored; can I watch TV for some time? And they end up watching TV, Mobile game or iPad.  

Do you know that, according to a survey, more than 83% of kids say that they use electronic devices more than 3 hrs per day and 85% of moms allow their preschooler to play with their phone. 1 out of 10 kids between age 5 and 8 are allowed unlimited use of the Internet without any parental monitoring.

American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) recommendation:
1. No screen time for 18 months and younger child.
2. An hour or less a day of high-quality digital media for 2 to 6 years child.
3. 6 years and above, the amount of daily screen time depends on the child and family but one should prioritize productive time over entertainment.

How to manage screen time of your child:
1. Play with your kids and get them involved in extra-curricular activities like dancing, painting, yoga etc.
2. Interact with your child & make your screen time more of social activity.
3. Strictly no screen in bedrooms, it should be screen-free zone.
4. Set an example; reduce your screen time to be a good role model for your child.

There is no harm in using devices when used for communication and development rather than entertainment. The most important part is that every family should have media-free time. Use high-quality media that can help children develop important skills, and there are some great games and apps in the market that support reading, math, and other skills. Use face-to-face interactive media such as video call to grandmother, which can promote healthy development in your child.