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Winters are always special. It is the most pleasant and cozy season of the year. The season reminds us of cuddling in blankets, sipping hot soups, being covered from head to toe and playing indoors.
With temperatures dropping, children need extra attention to stay warm, safe and healthy. Kids are more vulnerable to Cold, Cough & Flu. And dry skin due to cold winds can them dull or cranky at the same time.

Here are some tips for basic care in addition to home remedies which we can use to protect our kids from cold winds and make their winter “Happy” and “Healthy”.

Good Diet : In winter, kids with their hyper activity and good metabolism feel hungrier. Various types of soups should be made using green vegetables. At times, small cup of ginger tea twice in week can also help protect your child from throat infection and flu. It’s a good time to make sheera for kids. In drier winter air, kids lose more water through their breath. Keep them hydrated and try giving them warm drinks and soup for extra appeal. It will also help to protect kid’s skin from dryness.

Keep your child hydrated : You should always try to keep them hydrated by giving different warm drinks and soups. Proper hydration will improve the immune power in the season of cold and flu. Also, lack of water in the body can lead to dehydration. A proper water intake also helps in regulating body temperature; Not having enough fluids can cause your core temperature to drop.

Layered clothing : A proper warm covering is essential to protect your kid from harmful winter winds. Your child needs adequate number of clothing to maintain her body temperature. Good quality of body warmers, sweaters, jacket, Soft Woolen Hat, Hoods, Mittens, and Socks etc can be used in combination. At bedtime one should tug the toddler in soft blanket, if required we can also cover his/her hands and foot with mittens and socks.

Body Massage : Baby skin needs utmost care during winter, most of the kids encounter dry and chapped skin in winter due to lack of skin care, some may even face skin infections. To prevent this, a regular body massage with warm Coconut Oil or olive Oil rich in Vitamin E & Fatty Acids is essential. It helps to maintain the tenderness of skin.

Bathing : Most pediatrics suggests that during winter, giving two to three times bath in a week to a baby is more than enough. Most important thing is to use luke warm water for your kid’s bath, instead of hot water. Make sure that the bath time should be as short as possible as most of the kids are prone to catch cold during shower.

Moisturizing the skin : Moisturizing is the most important and essential step, in the journey of taking care of your little one’s skin during winter. Do not forget to apply moisturizer after bath, this will ensure that child has soft & healthy skin that glows even during harsh winters.

Engaging children in indoor activities :  Some days are too cold to allow your kid to play outside. For colder days it is always a better idea to engage your kiddo in some indoor activity and this could be the best way to protect your kid from winter. Also motivating them for doing art and craft activity can be another good option, last but not the least you can enjoy flameless /cold cooking with your child.

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