5 Best Activities to Teach Five Senses to Toddlers| Proeves Learning Lab

Children learn about the world around them through the five senses. The five senses of the body are smell, sight, taste, touch and hearing. The best way to teach children about these five senses is by teaching them to use these senses.

The 5 senses of our body are Sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. Teach your preschooler child, the five senses using a hands-on method allowing them to experience each one individually.

Implement hands-on five senses activities.
Activities that get children moving and actually practice using their senses are the perfect way to introduce the senses.

1. Monday Activity: Sense of smell:
Use a variety of pleasant and unpleasant smells to teach your child about their sense of smell. Introduce few pleasant smells such as flowers, oranges, perfumes, soaps etc.

2. Tuesday Activity: Sense of Touch
-Preschoolers can learn about their sense of touch by feeling different textures at home. A collection of fabrics like fleece, silk or satin can be used to teach kids the difference between soft, rough and smooth. A rock or block could be used as an example of something hard.
-Teach kids about temperature by using hot and cold things in the house. Have the kids close their eyes. Touch the child’s hands with an object. Ask the child to identify the item or describe how it felt.

3. Wednesday Activity: Sense of Hearing
-Observe the sounds around you, the list could include, a barking dog, a car door slamming, airplanes overhead, bird chirping, children giggling, wind in the trees, or anything else you expect to hear.
-Allow the kids to hear sounds from different objects and ask them to identify the object making the sound.

4. Thursday Activity: Sense of Sight
-Teach preschoolers about the sense of sight using lights. Lights can be used for both colour demonstrations and brightness.
-Turn lights on and off to show kids the difference between light and dark.

5. Friday Activity: Sense of Taste
There are five primary taste sensations:
-sweet, salty, sour, bitter, savory
-Gather up 3-4 different foods items that fit into the above categories. Ask you child to taste each of the items and discuss whether it tastes sweet, salty, sour, bitter, or savory.

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