Preschooler teacher gives Fabulous Four Homeschooling Tips

We might end up forgetting a lot of people in our lives but not our teachers. Every one of us remembers that one teacher who not only helped us to solve the most complex equations but also encouraged us to be successful in whatever career we chose. Teachers helped us become what we are today. Many scholars, researchers, artists have said that they have at least one teacher who helped them to become what they are today. This week is an ode to the best of teachers/mentors on our platform.

Karen Menezes is a preschool teacher who is friendly, enthusiastic and respected. She is an expert in teaching subjects like Maths, English, Science, Art & Craft, She is also a professional Storyteller.
She says, “I considered teaching as a profession as it provides opportunities for a life time with self-growth and allows one to be creative every day. My experience as a teacher has been amazing I have got to learn a lot of new things everyday like making lesson plan , props, puppet, and learning new ways of teaching them concept using flash cards or in a socio dramatic play form or working on kids fine motor development and helping them in becoming independent.

Question to Karen : What do you  love about teaching?
1) Every day is different for me as a teacher.
2) I get to make a huge impact on children’s lives.
3) I love teaching because I get to share my knowledge with the children;
4) I love interacting with children and I get to learn new things from them.

Question to Karen: What are your Homeschooling Tips for parents during these times ?

1) Help preschoolers improve their communication skills by conversations
2) Read books to your children that will enhance their knowledge
3) Best ways to teach Maths is by giving real-life examples
4) Introduction to STEM is mostly done by way of experiments and DIY activity (Life cycle of plant, Sink & Float experiments)

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