Leveraging Technology to ensure Learning Does Not Stop for the Little Tots !

Online classes for preschoolers has now become the new normal and it is exciting to see many centers and parents embracing this new world and moving forward.

The ProEves Edge App enables centers to find new and exciting methods to conduct online classes in a simple way.

Our ProEves Edge centers have seen a lot of interaction from parents who refer to relevant resources and conduct activities at home to engage their children.

One of our centres Neldrac Early Learning Center has been leveraging the app to find new ways to engage with the children even though they are not meeting them physically.

Fast Facts About Neldrac Early Learning Center

-State of the Art Preschool and Daycare Centre
-Preschool Age: 1.5 years. Daycare: 10 months +
-Location: Telangana, Hyderabad – 500019

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