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My Family Tree | Proeves Learning Lab

Making a visual Family Tree is an activity that the whole family will enjoy together. Sifting through old pictures of grandma, grandpa, uncles and aunts and remembering the events when the pictures were taken can make for a very enjoyable afternoon. When kids learn about their family, they get to know more about themselves. They are able to see the relation between family members, how they have inherited Grandma’s curly hair or great grandfather’s chin. It gives them a sense of security and stability when they see that they are a part of something bigger than just themselves. Here are the directions to make your own Family Tree !


Drawing Sheet
Sketch Pens


1. Shortlist the photos of family members that you want to use in your family tree.
2. Before making the final Tree on Drawing sheet, make a sketch of it on scrap paper.
3. You can show grandparents at the trunk of the tree and work your way up the branches to show Mummy, Daddy, Uncles and Aunts.
4. All the cousins can form the branches of the tree.
5. Using your sketch as a guide, pencil your family tree on the Drawing Sheet, then draw over your pencil lines with markers.
6. Stick each photo in its proper place onto the tree and label it with the name and birth date of the person pictured.
7. You can get the project laminated and place it where the whole family can admire it.

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