Nanny Support for Working Parents during the Pandemic

It has always been a challenge to balance work and family for working parents. Most parents relied on maids and daycare centers and extended family to manage the demands of work and home. With the Covid-19 pandemic thrown into the mix, parental stress has peaked trying to with balance work, home and kids.

BCG Caregiver Survey, May 2020 surveyed working parents in five countries (the US, UK, France, Germany, and Italy) reveals that

  • 60% of respondents have no outside help in caring for and educating their children.
  • Parents now spend an additional 14 hours on Household chores, and 44 hours in Childcare and managing education for kids per week.
  • Men are stepping up to help. 50% of households have equally shared responsibilities.

ProEves Survey of 500 parents across India during April – June, reveal that 80% parents require support with childcare in the form of resources to engage and develop children, guided learning for children or nanny care. 

Most of the parents who depended on daycares for childcare are now considering at-home care for their children in light of the pandemic. Childcare work is very hands-on. There is very little possibility of safe social distancing for young children in daycares and none so with toddlers. In this scenario getting a trained nanny to look after kids at home is a viable and safe solution. One of the parents that Proeves interacted with, expressed her concern, “I desperately want help at home, but most agencies offering house-help do not have staff trained in taking care of young children. I want somebody who I can trust with my child.”

A few leading daycares have started to provide nanny at home service through their network of verified and trained nannies/ didis. As children are unable to come to centres, daycares have come up with the plan of sending trained nannies at home who can help with childcare 

What makes this service standout :

  1. Nannies are checked that they do not come from containment zones  – Their residence proof is checked against containment zones classified in your city. Further, nannies who stays in vicinity are selected so that there is minimal requirement of any transport. 
  2. Nannies are trained in childcare, nutrition habits, first aid for childhood –  They have hands-on experience and formal training in managing children from 4 months to 8 years of age on very high standards of hygiene, supervision, care, nutrition and learning. They are champions of childcare and can look after your child’s needs – feeding, bathing, playing, learning and supervising while you are busy with work-from-home. 
  3. Nannies have been hired after social referencing, background check – The nannies typically come from neighbouring areas, screened after social reference-checks. Having worked with children for many years, they are keen to continue supporting daycare operations but are supporting children at home till parents feel it is safe to bring children to the daycare.
  4. Nannies are trained to engage children  – Through age-appropriate, motor skills development, language activities including sensorial learning and emotional development. 

Nanny-at-Home can ease the childcare duties and help parents to focus on the work. At the same time ensure the kids are engaged with age appropriate activities. It also supports the nanny financially, as daycares are shut, centres are finding it difficult to fund the salaries of nannies and staff. Nanny at Home is a win-win for all – Parents and Childcare providers and Daycares and Corporates.  

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