Super easy ways to teach Seasons to Kids

While introducing your child to the concept of seasons, talk about the four seasons that make up a year and discuss the different kinds of weather we experience in each season. You can show your child pictures from book or a magazine and ask them what season do they think the picture is taken in. This is great way to find out what the child already knows about the four seasons and also to provide some background knowledge. Talk about what you might wear or what you might do in each season.

Celebrate the changing seasons with this fun, DIY craft activity in which your child will learn to differentiate between the different seasons by way of colours and the nature around us. This activity illustrates the cyclical nature of the seasons through the changes we see in a tree.

What you need:

  • A sheet of paper
  • Brown paper or colour to draw bark of a tree
  • Coloured bits of paper 
  • Glue Stick

How to do it:

  1. Divide the paper into 4 sections and make a tree trunk on each.
  2. Now hand over the sheet to your child and let him/her cover the tree in leaves/flowers/fruits as they see in each season. You might need to guide younger children with colours to be used for each season.
  3. Winter: White or blue coloured paper can be used to depict cold and the tree will not be having any leaves or flowers
  4. Spring: Spring is associated with bloom time. Use any colour which the child likes to make a blooming tree.
  5. Summer: The tree is full of green leaves. 
  6. Fall/Autumn: During autumn trees shed their leaves which have turned brown or red. Use brown/red colour paper to show autumn leaves. 

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