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Popular Home Learning Calendar For This Week | Preschoolers

The new normal of schooling

All of us are aware how the challenging times are impacting the way we live. It has indeed altered the definition of normal. while we unlock, it is unlikely that we will get back to old times anytime soon.

One of the largest areas impacted is our children and how they learn. Here are 3 ways you can enhance their learning at home using our popular-home-learning-calendar.

  • Understand time will not come back

While we are in partial lock down, time keeps ticking on formative years of your child. Early years is where maximum education happens. So aim at using this time to the best. Education can’t take back seat or slow down

  • Be Flexible

While children can’t articulate in clear words, they are also getting disturbed due to uncertainty; they miss their friends for example.
So it is important that as parents you are flexible to see when they are most attuned to learn during the day. Have schedules but do not push it like a normal time. it can back fire.

  • Make a weekly calendar

Be ready with bite sized lessons, pieces of education. Put a weekly calendar. There are so many good topics you can engage them on. Like seasons, countries of the world, sea life…. The list can go on.

Proeves is a glad to help you with a popular home learning calendar. Here is week 1 calendar that you can use straight away. Here it goes ….

1. Monday activity :
Introduce to your child the concept of seasons. Use pictures to show them which could relate to the particular season. Eg. Sun for summer, snowman for winter etc.

learning snowman - popular-home-learning-calendar

2. Tuesday activity: Explain to your child what happens in each season. Show them some flash cards on snow to teach them about winter season, dry leaves etc. to teach them about fall etc.

learning flashcard - popular-home-learning-calendar

3. Wednesday Activity:
Tell your child what we wear in different seasons. Eg. A sweater in winter, light cotton clothes in summer.

4. Thursday activity:
Use art to break the monotony to teach seasons to your child. Draw 4 trees and make an art using bits of paper to show how each tree would look like in the particular season.

art activity - popular-home-learning-calendar

5. Friday Activity:
Use memory cards to summarise the seasons whether your child has been able to relate to the seasons introduced to him/her.

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