Use of Music and Fingerplays are magic in preschool Classroom

In early years kid’s cognitive and language skills develop dramatically during these years, as they transition from simple “why?” questions to enjoying jokes, riddles, and telling stories. These years, children have rich imaginations, strong fears, and love to play, so it’s important to employ educational strategies that are both adapted to their current developmental stage while also challenging them to grow.

Incorporation of music & fingerplays is the unique idea to foster a love of learning and it is the best way to capture attention of children in classroom. Below are the benefits of use of music & fingerplay in classroom :

Sense of Community in child: Fingerplay & music naturally invite preschoolers to be a part of the larger community in the classroom. Kids gets a chance to work cooperatively together whether we invite them to sing a song, chant a rhyme, follow directions, play a game, make a circle, or move together in unity.

Give & understand Directions: Music and fingerplays help young children focus on you and as a result, they are better able to hear and follow simple directions that you give.

Learn & remember Concepts: It makes easy for young children to learn and remember. Music & fingerplay can be used to help children build new knowledge and practice their knowledge of concepts of curriculum.

Practice & master new concepts: Continuous use music and fingerplays, your child will be more apt to try new skills, practice those skills, and ultimately begin to master those skills. It magically affects the brain of child & they tend to learn & adapt new concepts too.

Creating a Joyful Environment: A musical voice always sounds friendly and fun rhyme or simple song always feels inviting. Young children will feel more at ease with your leadership and safe in your environment as you reach out to connect with them through simple songs and fingerplays.

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