Top Infant Safety Tips for mothers

First few months are very critical for your child from safety perspective. When your child becomes mobile; they will start putting things in his mouth exploring everything around them, that’s when you will need to start making sure that everything around the house is child friendly. Being a mother  you can ensure your infant safety at home with these expert tips:

1. Crib

  • Be sure the space between crib slats is less than 6cms.
  • Make sure the crib is assembled correctly.
  • The mattress should be firm and fit well in the crib.

2. High chair

  • Should have a wide, stable base
  • The chair should have both safety straps, one that goes around your baby’s waist and also between her legs. Preferably it should be a locking system.
  • A high chair with a post to go between your baby’s leg is a safer option

3. Bouncer

  • The base should have anti-skid pads
  • Choose a seat with a base that is wider than the seat itself
  • Once the baby starts turning around, stop using the bouncer, he can tip over on the side
  • If the bouncer has an attached toy bar make sure it will not give way if
    pulled by the child
  • Always strap your baby on the bouncer

4. Stroller

  • Buy an age appropriate stroller.
  • When folding or unfolding a stroller keep your child’s fingers clear.
  • Choose a stroller with a 5 point harness.
  • Always fasten your baby into her stroller, even if you are going close by.
  • Never leave your baby unattended in the stroller, even if she is sleeping
  • Do not hang anything over the stroller handle, it may tip over
  • If you stop with the stroller, apply brakes and keep one hand on the stroller.
  • Preferably choose a stroller with brakes on two wheels.
  • If the stroller has a basket for carrying things, make sure the basket is low on the back of the stroller and directly over or in front of the rear wheels for proper balance.

5. Toys

  • Mobile or suspended toys from crib should be fastened securely and
    tightly so that the baby cannot pull them down or entangle herself in them.
  • Children’s stuff toys should be thoroughly checked for loose fur, button eyes or nose. It could be a choking hazard if they are loose
  • No toys with detachable parts.

6. Other key pointers:

  • Never hold your baby while drinking a hot liquid or cooking by a gas stove.
  • Always place the hotplate away from the reach of a child in kitchen.
  • Do not place a string or necklace around the baby’s neck.
  • Before placing your baby in the bath, always test the water temperature with the inside of your wrist.
  • Do not leave the child unattended in water even for a moment.
  • Do not use baby or talcum powders on the baby. If inhaled, powders can cause severe lung damage and breathing problems in babies.
  • Always keep the changing supplies close to you before you start changing the diaper. Never leave the child unattended over the diaper changing table.
  • Never heat your baby’s milk (or, later on, food) in a microwave oven.
  • Keep sharp objects like scissors, knife, pins etc away from child’s reach.