Top Counting Activities for Kids

Teaching kids their numbers doesn’t need to be tricky. It should contain fun & excitement for your child. As an output your child should know to count, number recognition and one-to-one correspondence. These preschool activities are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face, and provide them with wonderful learning opportunities at the same time :

  1. Roll & Dot the numbers : This game could be played by 2 kids. Each child will have a different color dot marker and they will take turns rolling the dice and marking a number on the game board until all the spots are full.
  • Counting Bears number strips : Give different coloured bears and placed the strips next to children. Ask them to place same colour bear on the relevant circle & ask them to count bear. This is super fun counting activity.
  • Beans & the glass: Label the glasses with numbers & give few beans/stones. Ask your child to recognise the number written on the glass & place that many beans in the glass.
  • Coloured beans:  Give few coloured glasses & same coloured beans. Ask your child to put same colour beans in the glass. Like all yellow bean in yellow glass. Then at the end ask them to count all yellow beans.
  • Card Counting Activity for Kids: This fun, simple no-prep card counting math activity is a great way to sneak in some counting & number recognition. Ask your child to say the number on the card. Then your child will take one gem at a time to cover up each of the suits on the card.

These leading preschools/daycares like KLAY , CDC Kids (Child Development Centre) , IPSAA , Safari Kids, Mindseed, Vallores are involving kids in fun activities that help them to learn their numbers while playing.

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