Are you an Overcautious Parent of an infant/toddler ?

It takes a big heart for a mother to drop her toddler/infant into a daycare. She will always be cautious about wellbeing of her child. Are you also a working mother who is worried about her child when he/she is in daycare.

  • Do you check on your child every 15 mins?
  • Do you call daycare every hour to check on the child ?
  • Whether they had food or not ? 
  • What they will be doing in classroom?
  • Did they take a nap?

These are basic questions every working parents has in mind whenever they are droping there child at the daycare. For a parent it is very important to receive the real-time updates about their child’s activities, updates that include things like photos and videos. Parents! Leave your all worries behind because technology has touched the daycares also. Most of the daycares providing live app facilities; which enables parents to remotely peek into the daycare and watch live status of their child. You can get updates from the teacher about schedule, food, activity pictures, live video, bus tracking etc.

We at Proeves have developed an App for daycares “Proeves Edge”, which is specially designed by keeping a mother’s need in mind. We are working with daycares to make life easier for working parents during their parenting journey. Kindercare, Youngin, Nectar’s Cove, Maple Bear, Perfections  are those preschools/daycares who have opted to be more convenient for parents by using the app like “ProEves Edge”. Demand your daycare for such user-friendly App. Please contact for further details.