Simple play-based learning activities for kids at ProEves Edge centres

Every child needs to learn and that learning should be as entertaining & enjoyable as play. So how do you bring learning & fun together? There are plenty of age-based reading & art & craft activities for kids which offer new learning skills, sharpen existing skills and a great way to spend time with your child. Take a look at below activities you can try at home:
•    Puzzles: You can either make a simple puzzle or buy from store. It helps the problem solving skill power of child.
•    Building blocks: We all love lego or building blocks. Your child will enjoy building his/her buildings & you will be amazed by watching his/her creativity.
•    Building Sand Castles Build a small sandpit in your backyard or take your child to the beach. You can buy sand castle making tools for your child. It will boost child’s creativity.
•    Painting with Forks: A few plastic forks, paint & drawing papers. Dip the fork in the paint and create different patterns. Your child can experiment with the colours.
•    Play Dough: With help of dough make different shapes & experiment with it. You can get the colourful dough to make it more exciting for your kids and help them in their sensory development.
•    Guess the Sounds:  Download different sounds of animals, transport, rain, and thunder. Then, play the sounds and make your child guess which sound it is. It helps in sensory development of your child.
•    Outdoor game like Dancing/ Swimming/Cycling/ Plant a tree as per your child’s interest you can choose any of the outdoor activity for your child.

Let’s have a look at the activities conducted at Proeves Edge centres to help kids learn while they play:

At Kindercare for language enhancement in nursery kids, they give different cards to kids with one letter written on each card like a card with letter B or C etc. Kids dance on music holding the cards. Music stops and the teacher calls out a sound Ba and the child with letter B comes forward and tells a few words starting with B.

Maple Bear uses different colour  Jodo cubes. The children play and learn about colours, patterns, sequencing, addition, subtraction using these blocks.

At Perfections  they teach germination process in Carft manner. Kids learn & see the stages of plant by doing it themselves. They follow the practical approach to teach kids.

Sandbox has planned an interesting play based activity of finding a hidden toy for infants. Teacher uses a box full of shredded papers and hides a familiar toy inside while showing them and motivates child to find the toy. This activity works beautifully for reinforcing object permanence to our little infants.

Nectar’s cove has threading activity that benefits in fine motor skills of child. Threading beads can help to strengthen the muscles of children’s hands when they grasp different sized beads.