Technology in preschool/daycare simplifying lives

Technology opens the door to a vast array of learning resources that can help children in their most formative stages of academic development. Technology provides the ability to connect and network with parents, staff and other professional peers. GPS enablement for tracking buses, electronic ID/ finger touch for gate access to restrict unauthorized access, live updates for parents, CCTV live link for parents are the latest technologies that is commonly being used by leading preschools/daycares.

When it comes to learning letters and numbers and developing letter sound recognition, technology provides both visual and auditory features that can assist children to learn faster in a fun way.

Below are the benefits of using technology in preschool/daycare:

·  Increases Efficiency: Administrative tasks such as collecting, paying and requesting payments, creating and reviewing reports, managing staff and even connecting with parents. All these things could be managed easily though use of technology.  

·  Improved Child Learning and Development: Smart boards, update of weekly transaction using technology improve the learning experience & help in development in kids to prepared them for the digital life that lay ahead for them.

· Easy communication with Families: Technology provides the ability to connect and network with parents, staff and other professional peers.

· Trust building: Good communication has proven to help people better understand each other. Technology has given a means to communicate with busy parents to build transparency.

·  Help in problem solving: If any parent or guardian that seems unresponsive or difficult; technology gives a way to eliminate frustration for both parties and helps reach a mutually beneficial resolution.

In an increasingly technological world, having basic technological literacy at an early age has become essential. Leading preschool/daycare centres like KLAY , The Learning Curve, Footprints, Mindseed are making use of technology not only for making jobs easier, but also to providing improved learning and development outcomes for children. The ultimate goal of using technology is to increase technical literacy in kids and simplifying life of school staff.