Value-Based Learning is Critical for today’s kids surrounded by media

In today’s world children are exposed to media clutter. They observe and process excess information through gadgets and other communication aids. Given children are exposed to so many views and thoughts which can be conflicting and confusing, value based education is the need of the hour. Vallores, Preschool “World of Values and Happiness” – in Suncity, sec 54 Gurgaon, is one of the India’s first premium preschool which has a value based learning program.

 “Vallores endeavors to provide the right start to the formative years of a child. The stimulating, happy and value based atmosphere paired with Montessori methodology of teaching ensures a holistic development of the child. The curriculum at Vallores is planned to promote positive growth in the lives of all children. It promotes and maintains a safe environment that creates an opportunity for children to develop and grow in a positive manner through appropriate role modeling.  Vallores believe in celebrating the uniqueness of each child and in encouraging them to be inquisitive explorers busting with virtues and potential to discover the grandeur of the World around.”Ankita Aggarwal, Chairperson, Vallores Preschool

 In Conversation with Ankita, here are the salient features of the Vallores Preschool. 

  1. Montessori Education – Vallores provides a bag-free environment to the child where he/she just needs to come in with a smile. The Montessori curriculum of experiential learning includes Exercises of practical life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Cultural modules to enhance the child’s observational and logical skills.
  2. Sports for Everyone – Vallores, through its partnership with Sporty Beans, provides India’s most reputable multi-sport program for young children. Sporty Beans’ research-backed sports curriculum teaches children the fundamentals of 9 popular ball sports (Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Rugby and Tennis) in a social, non-competitive, team-based environment.
  3. Fresh Healthy Meals – Healthy, multi-cuisine, vegetarian and child-friendly meals to the children. The monthly menu is circulated in advance to all the parents. Meals are cooked in-house with freshly procured ingredients on a daily basis.
  4. Student Staff Ratio- Child-staff ratios are a key quality indicator in early childhood care programs. Better ratios are believed to improve child outcomes by increasing opportunities for individual interactions, At Vallores,15:4 where 2 Teachers and 2 support staff are looking after 15 children with undivided attention.
  5. Preschool Program – The age criteria for admission varies according to the programs; Parent Toddler – 1 year to 1.5 years, Toddler – 1.5 years to 2.5 years, Pre Nursery – 2.5 years to 3.5 years, Nursery – 3.5 years to 4.5 years.
  6.  Day Care program – Daycare includes customized and personalized plans for working couples, nuclear families or joint families.

Some of the highlights of this program are:

  • Availability of hourly packages.
  • Story sessions in our interactive Hanging Library.
  • Language enrichment programs.
  • Soft play area and Sensory activities.
  • Providing assistance in school home work.
  • Logic enhancing worksheets.
  • Adequate, comfortable and quiet resting places.

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