Getting ready for this monsoon season

Rainy weather is a great topic to explore with preschoolers. Most preschoolers love rain – watching it, walking in it, and even jumping in puddles. Monsoons bring fun for kids but they bring along many health concerns too; which can impact your preschooler’s immunity. Rains may bring some relief to our body and mind from the hot scorching summer heat but it also bring along humidity, mosquitoes, seasonal diseases, making your child more susceptible to illness during this time.

Let’s get monsoon ready by these top tips your preschooler:

  1. Protect your family from cold and flu: Common flu, cold, water borne and air borne infections are common in this season. Using Herbs like turmeric, ginger, tulsi, black pepper, cinnamon in regularity in home cooked soups may help. Healthy foods and following healthy hygiene habits will help enjoy the weather without falling sick.
  2. Say No to outside Food: In this rainy season water used for preparation can be contaminated. It is better to give everyone homemade and warm food. include hot soups & hot milk in daily diet. This can help you improving your immunity and tolerance to infections.
  3. Drink enough water: Children tend to get dehydrated during the monsoon. Make it a point that kids drink boiled filtered water only. When outside make sure the kids drink only bottled water.
  4. Keep the germs and insects away: Tech your children to use hand sanitizers. Keep your house clean. Use antiseptic liquids while washing your kid’s clothes & while cleaning the house. Use mosquito repellents that are safe and effective for your child. Use a mosquito bed net while sleeping.
  5. Keep your children’s room clean and dry: Keep your surrounding areas clean to avoid mosquito breeding. Be a stagnant water observer, thoroughly clean all empty tanks, water coolers etc. as this is one of the potent cause of water-borne infections.
  6. Say No to wet clothes: As sun drying of clothes is not possible so infection chances are also more. Make sure that whenever you wash clothes of your little ones, they should be dried properly.
  7. Set the room temperature: Keep the house dry all the time & set his room temperature to a moderate. Regulate the temperature to some extent by keeping the windows & doors closed.
  8. Do not allow to play in rain:  Pack a raincoat & water proof shoes in his school bag. Whenever you are taking your little one to the mall, or a grocery store, in the rainy season, carry an umbrella & a rain coat.
  9. Prepare a kit with medicines which help with cold & cough: Cough syrups, vitamin C supplements, syrups for cold or fever, balms etc. Keep it handy, after taking proper advice from your paediatrician.
  10. Make them wear covered clothes: You can make them wear cotton clothes when the weather is hot and humid. Protect your child from mosquito bites by dressing them in long pants and full sleeved top.