How an app makes life easier for preschools/ daycares ?

When you are working in childcare industry you would be aware that communicating to parents plays a very important role here. As a teacher or facilitator, you always have to look for different ways to communicate with kids’ families and keep them up-to-date on all of the things going on at the center .

Writing notes, emailing, texting are few ways of communicating to parents but very much time consuming & sometimes the mail will be unread or paper will be lost. Here a daycare App plays a very important role for preschool/daycare. A web-based app for teachers with all the features they need to connect, communicate and coordinate with parents. Allows parents to stay connected with what their children are doing throughout the day at their day-time school via mobile applications.

Advantages of preschool/daycare App:

  • Admission management is easy
  • Helps in fee management
  • Writing  multiple diary notes will be in the past
  • You can send notification easily to parents
  • Parents can stay updated on the child’s activity at any time through the app
  • Holiday, meals and event management becomes very easy
  • Multi-branch management & tracking becomes very convenient

ProEves has launched a multi featured app, “ProEves Edge” that has following modules specially crafted to help daycare and parents:

  • Live Parent Messages (with or without CCTV)
  • Meals/ Diaper/Nap updates
  • Events/Circular reminders
  • Photos/Videos
  • Learning & Development
  • Inquiries
  • Fee & Payment

In case you would like to know more about the tool, please reach out to know more about the tool, please reach out to