What’s new at Leading Preschool this year ?

When you look back in your life you will realize that all the good things in your life are the results of changes that occurred in the past. We all have tendencies in our lives to improve ourselves. In the same way these leading preschools have incorporated new things to improve them to give better environment & learning experience to the young kids. With the new session starting; most of the preschools have adapted some changes for goodness of their kids, let’s have a look at few of them:

Eager Beavers
Eager Beavers Preschool & Daycare, their focus will be on Experiential Learning to enable children to pursue their own areas of interest and to solve the problems of real life on their own. Experiential learning can also be important for kids to experience the reality of ‘failure’ and how to overcome setbacks and challenges. They are also maintaining the balance of academics & extracurricular activities. They encourage kids to think more creatively & practical learning rather than just theoretical knowledge. Eagar beavers also encourage play-way method of learning so that kids can learn assertiveness, social skills, leadership qualities, solve group-conflict through role-play etc.

IPSAA has introduced a parent-child activity session; once in two months. Here they will encourage parents to come and spend time with their children doing interesting activities together. 
The aim is to involve parents in either hands on activity – painting / craft / gardening / pottery / sports or special presentations by children like singing, dancing, enactment   recitation or show and tell. This helps the parent bond with children and caregivers in the day care, assuring the children with a sense of calm and happiness as they see their caregivers and parents bonding well.

Kara 4 Kids
This year Kara comes as a whole new package. The centres have been renovated to make them cozy green spaces, child friendly, alongside implementing age appropriate equipment where play infiltrates in every classroom. The curriculum introduces a concept based on STREAM exposing our children to the development of the cognitive, affective and the psychomotor domain. Kara 4 Kids is coming up with two more new branches at Koramangala and Cunningham Road in Bangalore this year.

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