What parents want to know from daycares/ preschools ?

If you work for early childhood education, you must be aware of the problems faced when it comes to communicating with parents.  There are many child care and preschool teacher apps that are recommended by early childhood educators to share pictures and updates with parents.

We at ProEves have conducted a poll across 6 leading Facebook groups of mothers across the regions and received an overwhelming response from 378 moms on getting live updates from preschool/daycare.

Out of the poll 76% of the mothers say that “It is very important to have Live Update from preschool” on what the child is up to. Mothers in the poll say that being a mother makes it very important to have all updates on what their child is doing at any particular time; but most of them wanted to have update on meals eaten by kids.

After digging into the mother’s mind and their requirements on what exactly they look for in a preschool app, we have developed an integrated, user friendly app which connects daycares/preschools to parents.  Below are the modules specially crafted to connect daycare and parents:

  • Live Parent Messages (with or without CCTV)
  • Meals/ Diaper/Nap
  • Events/Circular Digital Board
  • Photos/Videos
  • Learning & Development
  • Daily Time Table
  • Fee & Payment

When the preschools/daycares are working to simplify the life of parents, let’s take one more step forward towards making it more convenient for preschools/daycares as well by having an app like “ProEves Edge” which is designed by keeping a mother’s choice in mind. Please contact disha@proeves.com for further details.