What not to do in front of preschooler?

Children demand love and attention at all times. Your child is an innocent soul, like a little sponge, which absorb many learnings in conscious or subconscious manner.

Without being aware of it, we act as a role model parents and transmit a lot of information to children. Many a times we confuse them and put them in to an emotional burden.

While parents are also dealing with stress, guilt and many other responsibilities which they cannot avoid. As parents, for doing so much we sometimes deprive children from some basic attention and needs. But in any kind of circumstances, a few things are a big no-no in front of the innocent child.

  • Do not Curse or use abusive language

You may think they are too small to understand the actual words, but they do pick up on tone and your anxiety. But, they do not have the emotional maturity to understand and may bring few situations embarrassing.

  • Do not Litter

Be a responsible citizen so that your child has a good example to match and learn from.

  • Do not lie

Try to not lie in front of your child. They are more observant then you think. They will loose the meaning of trusting with own people.

  • Do not Undermine your partner

Appreciate each other as family, making an effort to boost morale of each other is belief behind successful families. Avoid asking your child to keep secrets from your partner as this demonstrates that it is OK to lie and undermine.

  • Do not Have  too much screen time

Reduce the mobile during pick and drop to school. Spend good time outdoors and not to the gadgets screens staring all the time, put down your digital devices when your child is around. Be active yourself, and your child will follow.

  • Do not Smoke and drink

Parents should never drink or smoke in front of children because they will assume it is okay to do so and they will start experimenting as well. Health wise think again!

  • Do not Ignore your child

Respond and communication, listen to them. The more you communicate with them and respond to their cues, this builds their self-esteem. Open conversations lead to more bonding.

  • Mocking your child in front of others

Making a little mock of innocence or laughing may seem funny but it can have some serious negative impact on the child during his formative years. It reduces their self-confidence to a great extent.

  •  Getting violent and aggressive on your child

Your child needs your love and care, not your anger. Do not loose temper. They will stop sharing things with you and will be alone from inside.

  • Do not stick around when you drop the child

Trust your instincts, Make your children more confident and independent right from start. They will learn to stay happy with teachers and support staffs in the school or daycare.