Popular activities for toddlers in leading preschools

Activities are something that ignites your preschool child’s imagination and love of learning & reading. Children till the age of 5 have rapid mental development and different activities into their daily life that will help develop their skills. These activities enhance your child’s cognitive, learning, creative, and motor areas. Most of the leading preschools like Amelio, Cosmikids, CDC Kids,  KLAY, IPSAA, Cosmikids, Maple Bear, Safari Kids, Aptech Montana, Mindseed have planned their activities in such a way so that the child gets benefit on their necessary early childhood skills. Below are few of the activities :

Art and Craft Activities

  • Painting with Forks: A few plastic forks, paint & drawing papers. Dip the fork in the paint and create different patterns. Your child can experiment with the colours.
  • Art on Foils: You need silver foil and a toothpick. Make your child draw patterns across the foil. When you turn the foil around, you’ll see a work of art.

Sensory Developmental Activities

  • Play Dough: With help of dough make different shapes & experiment with it. You can get the colourful dough to make it more exciting for your kids.
  • Guess the Sounds:  Download different sounds of animals, transport, rain, and thunder. Then, play the sounds and make your child guess which sound it is.

Educational and Learning Activities

  • The Alphabet Game: Teach your child the alphabets and make him/her identify them from a book or alphabet blocks.
  • Around the World: Tell your child about history, attire, food, culture etc of different countries. You can also explain geography for kids to understand.

Indoor Activities

  • Puzzles: You can either make a simple puzzle or buy from store. It helps the problem solving skill power of child.
  • Building blocks: We all love lego or building blocks. Your child will enjoy building his/her buildings & you will be amazed by watching him build his world.

Outdoor Activities

  • Building Sand Castles Build a small sandpit in your backyard or take your child to the beach. You can buy sand castle making tools for your child. It will boost child’s creativity.
  • Dancing/ Swimming/Cycling/ Plant a tree as per your child’s interest you can choose any of the outdoor activity for your child.

Quiet Time Activities

  • Reading books, Cooking without fire, Dress up like your favorite character are some of the activities you child will definitely love.