Top Preschools YOU MUST CONSIDER in Bangalore

Looking for the best foundation for your child? There are so many preschools and scouting them can be exhausting. Find out the top preschools in Banglore and why you should consider enrolling your child.

Preschool can be a very important foundation for a child

According to research, Children who participate in early childhood education do better in a K-12 school and in their life.

  1. Zool Kids

Zool Kids is located across South Bangalore in 3 prime locations. They have a unique approach to the “Child-Comes-First”  mindset.  Zool Kids’ amazing curriculum converges on parent-child activities and involves an array of colours, and music to stimulate sensory and analytical development. 

Why Should You Consider Zool Kids?

  • The Kindergarten curriculum is built around the child’s everyday world.
  • Language skills are developed through story-telling, songs, rhymes, and music.
  • The children learn through a combination of active and passive exercises as well as outdoor activities.
  1. Feather Touch

It is rated as the best Play school in Bangalore by various parent groups and organisations and has won many awards from reputed organisations. They follow a custom-made curriculum based on Highscope teaching methods. 

Feathertouch International play school is run by qualified and experienced professionals. The world-class syllabus and experienced teaching staff help the child to be prepared for the challenges of formal school education.

Why Should You Consider Feather Touch?

  • They have their curriculum based on international best practices. 
  • Their curriculum is designed in such a way as to develop the child as an independent individual. 
  • They have a highly nurturing and child-friendly environment. 
  • Children acquire knowledge through play. 
  1. Little Millennium- Hebbal 

The focus of Little Millennium is on providing children with the proper foundation through playtime and cooperative group projects every day. The preschool provides children and their parents with a high-quality experience thanks to the highly qualified personnel, first-rate child-friendly facilities, and keen attention to quality control and evaluation. They respect the individuality of every child and work to develop them into joyful, outgoing, and self-assured young people.

Why Should You Consider Little Millennium for your Child?

  • Follow a student-teacher ratio of 10:1
  • Award-winning and Scientifically developed preschool curriculum
  • The curriculum focuses on the holistic development of every child, through play activities and collaborative group work.
  • The curriculum focuses on seven key development areas for children: cognitive development, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, language development, personal awareness, socio-emotional development & nurturing individual potential.
  1. Podar Preschool -Jayanagar

Podar Preschool Jayanagar has an exceptional curriculum that promotes holistic learning that develops all 7 essential areas of learning. 

The goal of the curriculum is to promote personalised and differentiated early childhood education for children aged 2 to 6 years of age.

Why Should you Choose Podar?

  • Follow a student-teacher ratio of 10:1
  • Focuses on Personal Competencies and social development
  • Nurture and holistic development of the child.
  • Activities are custom-made for a child’s unique needs.

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