Top 3 Preschool Activities to Watch out for this Diwali 

One of the biggest festivals, the festival of lights – Diwali is around the corner. A five-day festival symbolises the triumph of good over evil, light over dark. 

Everyone has a different story on why Diwali is celebrated. According to Ramayana, it marks the day when  Lord Rama, his brother Laxmana and his wife Sita return to Ayodya.

And as per Mahabharata, Pandavas returned to Hastinapur after spending 12 years in exile. 

It is also believed, Lord Vishnu rescued Goddess Lakshmi from King Bali and banished Bali to the netherworld. 

In every story or belief, Diwali symbolises the victory of light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance. 

The essential ingredients of any Diwali celebration include lighting diyas, colourful rangoli, fireworks, Lakshmi pooja, delicious food and getting together with the family. 

It provides a great opportunity for the family to spend time together. 

If you are thinking about how to make Diwali special, Here are some activities you can plan.

Diya Making:

Diya plays an important role in Deepavali festivities. Diya symbolises one of the pivotal aspects of the festival- the light. And the celebration would be incomplete without Diya. Your child can make a simple cut out of Diya or can use craft clay to make beautiful diyas. Let them take their time and follow their creativity. You can top it up with the Rangoli designs. Further, you can use paints and ask them to colour the same. 

Material Required for Clay Diya: Clay, Bowl to set the shape, colour, and paintbrush.

For Paper Cut Out- Paper with the image of Diya, Siccssor. 

If you are making Diya, then why not participate in a fun-filled Diya Making Competition and win exciting prizes? Details in the end. 


Dive into the creative side during Diwali this year. Take some time off and sit with your child and make a dragon or a lotus. Either you can team them how to fold papers and turn them into something very beautiful art. And if your li’l one is already into Origami we know a perfect place where they can showcase their talent and win prizes!

Origami can easily be one of the fun activities for kids to spend time with you, enjoy and learn. Plus, it will also keep them busy and harness their creative side. 

Storytelling Session:

Do you know what is the most intriguing part of Diwali? Stories! 

One of the best Diwali activities is to tell them stories. Create interest and keep your munching occupied with the stories about the significance of Diwali. How Diwali is a story of the victory of light, and how it is celebrated across the country? Since there are so many versions of why the festival is celebrated, you can pick one every day. Festivals can be a great way to teach about values and culture. 

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This Diwali, 

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