Parents! How Can You Assess If Preschool or Daycare is Transparent and Credible?

The way a child has a settling period when he goes to a new school, the parent to has a settling period where they find it difficult to be without their children and question their choice of preschool/daycare. Parents look for certain features and look for some behavioural factors that sway their decision towards a centre. It is important for a centre to be transparent and honest with parents regarding the curriculum, activities and incidents that take place at the centre and give regular updates to the parent regarding their child. Some ways that the parents can trust the centre are if they do the following:

  1. Provide behaviour insights – Your facility can see children without bias and spot behavioural traits that hinder a child’s social and emotional development. Providing this feedback to parents can help them nurture the child in the right direction alongside the teacher.
  2. Share Playground Accidents – Children explore their limits and test their boundaries which can lead to accidents. Before the parent can ask you about it, make sure to inform the parent through message when the incident happens, or before the child leaves the centre with the parent. This creates openness and trust.
  3. Alert parents to new fears – A sudden change in a child can be a sign of something larger. Be sure to share new fears and meltdowns with parents. This might provide insights for you too.
  4. Allow time at pick up and drop off for feedback – There has to be two-way communication between parents and teachers regarding the child. Open the conversation regularly with parents and caregivers to ensure satisfaction.
  5. Showcase the activities the children enjoy – Perhaps the best way to create transparency is to share and showcase classroom activities. Precious moments of children learning or drawing a picture can help parents feel connected to their child’s childcare experience.

All of the above can be achieved by being up to date in terms of technology at your centre. Having a live update app or an end-of-day report that goes out to the parents can create a transparent and credible name for the centre which also lets parents trust in them and give them the faith to send their child there.