DIY Emoticon Flash Card To Help Your Toddler Develop Empathy

The Emoticons flashcards help the child to identify emotions and gradually help them to build their vocabulary as well. DIY flash cards can also help children to cultivate empathy in their hearts which is a very important trait.  Giving them playful ways to stop and think about not only how someone is feeling but why someone feels like that is a really worthy activity.

The various Emotions Can be Angry, Happy, Sad, amazed, anxious, worried, surprised, frustrated etc. This will help children in understanding others’ feelings and respond to them in a better way.

Material required:-

1) Cardboard sheet

2) Chart paper

3) Popsicles

4) Sketch pan

5) Glue stick

6) Old shoe box

How to make it:-

Take a cardboard and cut 10 round shapes to create various emotional faces. Paste the chart paper on the round cardboard and attach to the popsicles. Draw different emotions on them to display various emotions.

How to Play:-

1) Place all the emotions popsicles in the box, ask the child to pick one and we can frame a sentence based on that. For example, if a child picks up the happy emoticon we can say “Mumma is super Happy today because you ate all the vegetables”.

2) Show your child a card at random and ask them to copy the face pictured, and then name the emotion together.

3) Put the cards face down on the floor or table in rows and ask your child to flip them over one by one as they name the emotions.

Aim:- With this free play children can also understand the difference between good and bad for example what makes other people happy and what makes them sad. This is an awesome tool to help them understand their feelings, plus vocabulary building is a bonus.

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