Hands Down Best Holistic Early Education Centres Recommended By Parents

It started out as a passion for children and their education is now on the mission to make the environment conducive for learning. As IIT alumni, the founders have acquired immense knowledge and experience in the field of education and management. 

Today, we are in talk with the founders and their approach to holistic education and learning. 

1. Tell us a little about the vision of your pre-school. 

Our vision is to be a leading preschool in its pursuit of outstanding education capable of exploring the potentials in each child and transforming them into young adults well equipped to face life challenges with confidence.

2. Tell us about your journey. How and when did you come up with your brand & what has been the inspiration?

I was Assistant Professor earlier in computer science Engineering but once I had my own child I understood the importance of taking care of children and giving them a proper environment and education 

3. What is unique about your brand?

We provide a safe, secure, hygienic, cosy and colourful environment to the children with world-class child-friendly infrastructure like toys, learning aids and furniture. We follow the best nursery and Montessori curriculum at affordable prices. We are very particular about the security of children. We handover kids only to the authorized person, we CCTV covered the area. And our school is run and led by women only. We follow all the COVID norms.

4. Tell us about the team

Our team is experienced, certified and trained to handle children and very sensitive to handle them with care. Our team is Fully vaccinated against COVID.

5. Any messages for the working parents now that the preschools and daycares are have opened up

Even if the parents are working they should definitely take some time for their children and should enjoy quality time with them whether taking them to the park or by playing with them or reading stories to them. This will make their bond strong.

6. Share some plans of the activities/events of the year for the centre

Our plan is to elaborate the activities of public speaking among children because in this COVID period of 2 years most of the children had gone reluctant to speak since they didn’t get social exposure. Various other co-curricular activities are also a part of the institution for the overall development of the child. 

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