Easy Geography DIY activity To Introduce Land, Air, and Water

To make learning fun is not difficult, this awesome DIY will guide you on how to do it. We are explaining land, air, water and solar system to toddlers through this DIY. We can start by explaining details to the kid.

The land is made up of soil, rocks, sand, mud etc and houses are built on land and so does many vehicles like bus, cycle, auto, car move on land. Human beings live on land. Water bodies provide water for drinking purposes and seawater provides salt. Boats, ships and steamers run on water and even carry goods between 2 continents. Water includes lakes, seas, ponds and where different types of sea creatures like whales, fish, dolphins, and sharks live. Air is needed for breathing and birds like parrots, eagles, vultures, and crows fly high in the sky. Aeroplanes, helicopters, fighter planes and rockets fly in the air and have made the life of human beings easy. Mother Earth is the only planet in our solar system which has life in it. It consists of land, water and air. Earth is the third planet in the solar system.


To make this concept fun I did some easy DIY stuff. For a 2.5-year-old making learning through play and practical examples are always easy as they grasp it easily. They learn a lot through practical life experiences and can relate to the environment easily.

Let us now have a look at some DIY.

Materials used:

For land use flowers, sand, stems, grass, figurines of animals, human beings and vehicles. For water use water in which add food colour to turn it blue and again figurines of sea creatures and boat ship. For air, we can use empty vessels and figurines of birds, and aeroplanes.

For the solar system, different fruits and vegetables like the sun can be made from Orange, earth from capsicum in which just add Ujala to give blue colour, Saturn from mango and ring also from mango, Mars from strawberry, tomato can be used for Jupiter.

How to Execute:

Take one tray and add sand to it, put flowers, stems, and leaves to depict the land and place figurines of animals and human beings over it. Use animals like domestic and wild as it will help the kid to learn about different classes of animals.

In open land put a figurine of a bus or any vehicle available and add a place card of land. Similarly, do with water and air. For water and air use any box without a lid. The solar system takes a big plate to make the galaxy and then puts the sun and other planets according to the distance from the sun.

For a preschooler, I personally didn’t find it suitable to introduce comets, satellites, etc. I just introduced the moon as we see the moon, stars and sun every day. I used the solar system bought from Mumma Diaries to make the concept clearer. Three of us made a painting of the solar system and land, water and air concept.

About Me:-

I am Sulbha Bathwal mother of 3 years old twin boys and wife of a foodie CA. I love doing DIY activities with my twinnies to keep them engaged and make learning fun. At this early stage, I don’t want to push them to academics. I love cooking and am not keen on buying too many toys for my twinnies. To know more about me you can follow me on my Instagram handle @twinsandmamatalks and like my Facebook page Ourjourneyoflearning..