Create an Interesting Schedule for your child.

It is crucial to make a schedule that is flexible and fun for the child. Here are some key points that one must keep in mind while developing the same:

1. Flexibility is key
A child of this age is moody, self-centred, and impatient. As a parent, one needs to make sure that learning can happen in a fun and creative way when the child is ready to take in the information you’re providing them. If the schedule isn’t flexible and you force your child to learn while he/ she wants to sleep, all your efforts might go to waste. Therefore, flexibility is crucial when it comes to homeschooling.

2. Strike a balance
While listening to your child is extremely important, make sure they’re not taking advantage of that and always postponing learning. Hence, striking a healthy balance between flexibility and rigidity is key.

3. Mix bag of fun and play
A schedule should be a mixed bag of important concepts and playtime incorporated in a creative and integrative manner. Integrating fun with learning is a great way to keep your child engaged. So don’t forget to add extracurricular activities to your schedules. It can be sports, music, art or dance.

4. Research
Do your research or get help. It is imperative to know which pedagogy you want to follow, what kind of time you can give to your child, how many resources you have etc. Homeschooling your child is a big commitment and one must spend a good amount of time researching the best possible options for their little one.

5. Stick to it
Lastly, the reason we make a schedule is to stick to it. Make sure you are covering all the concepts on a timely basis so that your child is getting the information they need at a specific age.

Learning is a journey and not a destination. So as Albert Einstein says, “Play is the highest form of research.” Let your child play and learn.

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