5 Best Navratri Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Navratri- Nav means nine, Ratri means nights. The festival is celebrated for 9 nights. An auspicious festival celebrated by the entire country differently. Some celebrate it as Durga puja, while others celebrate Lord Rama’s triumph over Ravana.

Here are some activities you can do along with your child

1. Wednesday Activity: Story session on why Navratri is celebrated:
Teach them why the festival is celebrated, through the stories that celebrate “Durga Maa’s Victory over the evil “. The Amar Chitra Katha collection is a favourite among kids and parents who want to connect with Indian mythology. This comic series narrates the stories of Goddess Durga, and how she used the power bestowed upon her.

2. Thursday Activity: Teaching the 9 Colors of Navratri and the and Significance of them.
Besides worshipping Goddess Durga, playing dandiya, and making special dishes on Navratri, many people also follow special colours of Navratri; 9 days for 9 colours that have different significance.
The sequence of colours is determined by the day on which Navratri starts. This year Navratri starts on 7th October, which was a Thursday. Saturday is always associated with the colour Yellow.
The Colour yellow is suggested for brightness, vigour, energy and warmth. Grey is the colour that represents strength, peace, and calm. White clothes are worn for purity, peace and prayer. The colour red is worn to signify love, vigour, and energy. Royal blue for divine energy and more power.

3. Friday Activity: DIY Dussehra Craft: Children love the character of Ravana with 10 heads. Watch this video to create a Ravana effigy at home.

4. Saturday activity: Making sweets
Embrace the complete joy of this festival by involving the kids while you make the food items for fasting. So make simple sweets like sabudana khichdi or Kheer with your children. Don’t forget to involve them in everything small things which bring happiness. Click on the following link to find the Kheer recipe here: Kheer Recipe

5. Sunday Activity: Rangoli Design
Rangoli is another best Navratri decoration idea that you can teach your kids during Navratri. You can outline the rangoli and train your child to fill the inside with colours or flowers.

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