Top 5 Learn Certified Preschools Across India

Preschool is one of the necessities. It is necessary to have a foundation prior to a child’s formal education.

Thinking of the best preschools for your li’l one? Here’s a list of ProEves LEARN Certified preschools in India.


With the motto of Bringing the Genius out of Your Child, Genius Tots Preschool, Nashik was founded in 2018 with the vision of bringing out genes from young children. The founding committee comprises doctors, teachers, IIT and IIM graduates with extensive experience in various fields. During the COVID-19 blockade, they quickly switched to online learning and little genes adapted very well to the online learning environment. Until schools reopen, Genius Tots will hold online classes with special attention to every little genius. Monthly quizzes and assessments are conducted to understand their learning and growth. Genius Tots Preschool is a great platform that offers LEARNING certified preschool classes such as Playgroup, Nursery, Junior KG and Senior KG for the 2 to 6 year age.


Morning Glorie is a preschool and daycare centre in Gurgaon, Haryana understands the dynamics and demands of today. They offer preschool and childcare services in physical facilities, as well as online sessions for parents and children to track a child’s inability to leave home because of the pandemic.

Morning Glorie began its journey in August 2011. The focus was and always is on the child. Their social, learning and development needs, as well as a space they call their own, are always something Morning Glorie work for. They strive to create an atmosphere of trust, care and comfort in which parents feel comfortable while leaving their children. A place where the child is happy and looks forward to coming every day and also enjoys going with the parents: a temporary home. The same applies to our virtual parent-child sessions.

Morning Glorie offers several LEARN certified online homeschooling courses such as online homeschooling at Seedlings, online homeschooling at Blooms, online homeschooling at Blossoms, and the exciting activity class Eggheads from MG The toddler online activity club for the 2-7-year-old age group.


Blooming Buds are believers in creating A Home Away from Home, where one can entrust to the care of their child. They believe every child is born with an unlimited potential that needs encouragement to make them an outstanding person. Blooming buds give them space to develop their learning journey at their own pace. Each child receives a healthy, happy and respectful environment in which they can learn through play. They offer a place to have fun with safety and security. All employees are offered a respectful and friendly workplace and contribute to the development of their skills; as an individual and as a team.

It was founded in June 2006 with the goal of providing working parents with specific services to ensure the safety of their precious children. Parents who work and lead a small family need a clean and healthy environment, basic cultural values ​​and good learning for their little one.

Blooming Bud’s program focuses on nurturing complex untapped emotions in children and teaching them the art of calming their tantrums with calming play activations and art therapy led by a certified psychologist. The LEARN Certified Online preschool programs offered by Blooming Buds are for the 1.5-12-year-old age group.


Indira Krishna Vidyashala is an elementary school established with the sole aim of providing the best and quality education to all. Their vision is to guide the future generation in the right direction of development, performance and progress. The school was named after the late Smt. Indira Krishna, who has dedicated her life to the design of learning platforms and sustainable culture.

IKV is a junior school with a committed vision of educating everyone, regardless of their starting point in life. Their focus on growth through academic achievement sets them apart. While most schools focus primarily on academic achievement, they take pride in making each of our students a contributing member of society. The first lesson every student receives, regardless of her grade level, is to honour and appreciate our Mother Earth.

Indira Krishna Vidhyalaya IKV is a well-organized centre offering LEARN certified virtual preschool programs with a child-centred vision of aim communication, social skills, arts and crafts, etc. Several online programs run by the IKV for the age group 2.5 to 5 years are KG 1, KG 2 and KG 3.


Shanti Juniors believe in celebrating childhood with the same intensity and love that one does for their own child. A second home for a child where he/she learns the outside world through their own teaching method.

Shanti Juniors Preschool Chain believes in balancing fun and learning from the earliest stage of early education through Todd Care, Nursery, Jr.Kg and Sr.Kg programs.

Shanti Juniors is a playschool that meets early childhood educational needs for developmentally appropriate practices. At Shanti Juniors, they celebrate childhood through a unique combination of international approaches and Indian culture. Shanti Juniors provide a perfect balance across the country with a touch of the local touch for a child to instantly connect their surroundings and the local environment, making it the best preschool for your child. In this way, the child can express what he learned in school, fun and happy.

Shanti Juniors offers age-appropriate early childhood education and care programs that are integrated with technology in a fun environment to build a strong foundation for our happy children and righteous, be responsible citizens of the world to be.

Shanti Juniors LEARN Certified Online Preschool Programs prepare the child with various rich skills, such as cognitive skills, proper etiquette, public speaking.

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