The Importance of Eye Contact for Child Development | Proeves Learning Lab

Young minds absorbs the world around them and develop their ability to communicate using their visual senses. From an early age, children prefer to look at faces that engage them in mutual gaze. The majority of information that a child receive initially gets processed through their vision. Visual developments among toddlers not only promotes language development but also their fine motor skills, and gradually leading towards other activities that would require hand-eye coordination.

There are various reason which might result in poor eye-contact among kids. No matter whatever the reason is, “seeing eye-to-eye” and a little conversation with them aids enhancement.

Listed below are the importance of eye-contact with kids:-

1. Enhance Communication: Eye-contact help improve communication and understanding. And we, as parents, want to be able to communicate with our kids on different levels. Hence, maintaining proper eye contact with your child, even during during casual conversations will help communicate better, resulting to meaningful discussions.

2. Grab your kid’s attention: Holding a proper eye-contact while communicating with your child, let the child know that they have your attention, hence leads to better response.

3. Swapping of Energy : It’s an interchange of energy and you can choose what energy you wish to send in exchange. For instance, if the child is grumpy, you can help pacify the scenario by showing the calm, love and ease in your eyes.

4. Possibility for Compromise: There are more chances for compromise when a connection is initiated through strong eye-contact. For example, if your child is convinced that you want to reach an agreement by your gaze, then compromising becomes easy.

5. Eyes are windows to the soul: Rightly quoted, by just looking into your child’s eyes, it gives you access to an intense level of communication.

Recent research has already proven that good communication is essential in building healthy relationships between you and your child. Conscious parenting involves deliberate efforts and absolute knowledge of what we are projecting toward our kids and what example we are setting in their minds.

A child is affected to a large extent by how we look at them. What the child sees in our eyes is more powerful than what we say. The eyes are the windows of the soul, and through proper eye-contact, you can let your child know that “I am here for you, and I am interested in what you have to say, because you are of great value to me, and I love you.”