7 Fun Activities to help you teach kids multiplication | Proeves Learning Lab

There are lots of fun multiplication games for kids, and we’ve rounded up 5 of our top favorites below which can help make teaching multiplication to you kids at home a lot less…painful.

1. Multiplication Squares Game:
Draw 100 dots on a paper and each player takes turns turn drawing a line to connect 2 dots to draw a square. The player who draws the maximum number of squares wins. Games 4 Gains has created a brilliant multiplication table game based on this concept. All that you need is a dice and few pens. So lets go, download the game HERE to play.

2. Say Cheese Board Game :
Say cheese is an addictive math game and has won several awards for its effectiveness in math learning. Kids play with the mice to grab delicious cheese, pasta, pizza and a whole lot more and develop advanced multiplication skills. The instructions are super easy to understand and kids can get started in a jiffy. Perfect for kids aged 7+

3. Dominos Keepers Multiplication:
Got a set of dominos lying around? This is a fun way to get kids excited about math multiplication, and you can use it to teach addition and subtraction to younger kids, too! Place all the dominos in the centre. Each player turns over a domino and multiplies the 2 ends together. Player with the maximum dominos wins the game.

4. Multiplication War:
This is one of my favorite multiplication games as it’s fun and gets kids excited to win! This is a great game for kids to play together with family to enjoy. All you need is a deck of cards! Split the deck, pull a card, the first player to say the correct product(multiplication) wins the cards. A fun math game for all ages!

5. Sieque Board Game:
SiEque™ is an Award-winning multiplication math board game. This game helps develop visual perception, spatial awareness, cooperation & collaboration, multiplication facts and memory skills in children. Display the 9 reversible tiles on the centre of the board. Pick a card with a multiplication equation. The player first find the answer on the board wins that card. Collect maximum cards & you are the lucky winner! It’s perfect game to play with family, exciting for kids, fun for everyone.

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