Teaching values and ethics to your kids – Lessons to learn from Lord Rama | Proeves Learning Lab

The Ram; seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu is standing as the symbol of Maryada Purshottam, which means a “Perfect man”. Ram is the embodiment of truth, of morality, the ideal son, the ideal husband and above all this, the ideal king.

He was always the protector of those who asked for help, respected women, he teaches moral values, ethics and many more things to your child. Let’s see which are main points you can teach your child from story of Ram :

Love and Respect for Parents: Rama’s insistence on keeping the promise made by his father also shows the deep love and devotion that he had for his parents. He willingly chose to spend 14 years in a forest to protect his father’s promise and respected him.

Differentiating between Right and Wrong: You can teach your child to choose right over wrong even when wrong may feel little easier. When Bharat offered him to come back to home in between only but Rama refused to return to Ayodhya before completing his 14 years in exile.

Never give up: He teaches not to give up in the most difficult situations of life. He was not scared of the king Ravan & his kingdom, he didn’t go back home asking for help, instead he went ahead on his search for his wife.

Respecting women & equality of human: He respected women’s choice and kept on politely declining offers no matter how obsessive they got. When Surpanakha proposed Rama but then he respected her choice & politely refused her. He broke caste barrier & respected Sabari’s excitement and ate berries that she tasted.

Help people who need it: He was always the protector of those who asked for help. Sage Vishwamitra even though very powerful; asked help for himself & needed Rama, Rama at the age of 16 fought with seasoned warriors like Tadaka, Maricha and Subah & protected everyone.

Believe in yourself: Rama believed himself that is why he managed to defeat one of the most powerful kings of his time. This King Ravana was considered undefeated in battle so much so that he was considered immortal. The battle was legendary. The day is celebrated as Dussehera across India.

Sibling Relationships : If your child has any siblings, focus on the love the brothers had for each other. You can also teach your child the importance of standing up for his siblings. He loved his brothers and his brothers also loved him a lot. Lakshman, who was a prince & used to of luxuries, decided to give all of that up & voluntarily to live with his elder brother for 14 years of hardship in a forest.

Rama is so inspirational, that his story is popular across India and he established an ideal kingdom, his rule was so popular that till date a perfect administration is called “Ram Rajya”