5 Fun n Interesting Diwali Activities for your little ones! Proeves Learning Lab

Diwali- ‘The Festival of Lights’ is just around the corner. In this pandemic era, The Festival of Lights has kids home, away from all academic activities, and that is a good reason to get them involve in interesting art, craft and story activities so that they are not left alone !

The essential ingredients of any Diwali celebration include lighting diyas, colorful rangoli, fireworks, Lakshmi pooja, delicious food and getting together with the family. Diwali provides a great opportunity for spending time together with your near and dear ones.

Here’s some interesting activities you may want to explore with your children to teach them about Diwali. Go on and make Diwali a fun family celebration.

Monday: The Story of Diwali 
The legend behind the Diwali Celebration has different stories across India but there’s one common theme no matter where and how people celebrate: the victory of good over evil. The legends of the Diwali celebration always tell us how good triumphs over evil. This Diwali get your toddler to know the significance of the festival, as a festival and as a tradition. Bundle it up with interesting activities and then narrate it in the form of a story. Register here for Proeves Festive Story Camp for kids aged 3-8 years with our expert story teller Uttara.

Tuesday: DIY Diya Making
Diwali is incomplete without Diyas in and around the house! Why not make a few with your toddlers? With minimal supplies and a bit of creativity, kids can create their own Diya. Add a twist of colour to them and let them have fun colouring and decorating them. This sensory activity will help stimulate your child’s senses. 

Wednesday: Flower Rangoli
One of the most colorful and beautiful aspects of Diwali is bright and intricate Rangolis! While your toddler may not be old enough to create real Rangoli, you may try creating a simple flower rangoli. Little ones can feel thoroughly involved as well, by helping with separating the petals and helping with choosing the colours. It’s also a great bonding exercise between siblings, to help them learn to work together.

Thursday: DIY decorations
Unleash your latent creativity and make crafts at home. You can make beautiful Bandhanwar or torans to hang on your door, bells, etc, using some waste products. This will save a lot of money and usage of plastic.

Friday: Make Yummy Sweets
No festivity can be complete without sweets. And Diwali is synonymous with sweets! Whether traditional kheer, halwa, laddus, chocolates, cupcakes or cookies, kids will love the cook and bake session the most. Let them assist you in little things like mixing, serving and plating the dishes.