sensory play

Easy DIY sensory activity to Engage your Toddler

Few things cannot be taught by words, they require touching, smelling & feeling. That is why sensory play is very important. This is an integral part of early education. Sensory play includes such activities that stimulate your child’s senses – touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Experts suggest various benefits of including this in early education. It can help to build language and fine motor skills.

Few sensory play ideas that can enhance your child’s development are –

Straw Painting: Place random spurts of paint all over on a sheet of paper and encourage your child to place their straw close to the paint and blow to send streams all around their paper for a cool effect!

Straw Beads: Simply cut up a bunch of straws for impromptu beads and places them out for the kids to yarn out for necklaces — I like to wind a piece of tape around the edge of yarn if we are using it for lacing, to make it easier for the kids.

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