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Top Sports Activities for Children at Home

It goes without saying that physical activity for children is must in everyday life. Since it is lockdown and children can’t go out to play, Some indoor activities which will help the children in overall physical and emotional growth are:

Dancing to music : Dance to some fun and grooving music with your children. This will keep them physically active and they will enjoy this fun exercise too. 

Jumping jacks : Is a powerful exercise which encourages motor planning and muscle strengthening in children. 

Hopscotch : Is a traditional yet a fun game children can play at home. This games requires the child to master body control. It also helps in building strength, balance, eye-hand co-ordination and many more. 

Yoga : Introducing yoga in early age can help set the foundation for a fit future.  Yoga has a lot of health benefits for children. By practicing yoga, children also develop confidence, and concentrate better.

Crab walk or bear walk : A fun exercise for children which is simple and can be done at home. It helps develop the gross motor skills in children. It also helps channelise their energy and refocus them. 

Jump rope : Another exercise which children can do at home. Jump rope or skipping is a good cardio exercise for children which will keep them fit during the lockdown. 

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