Top preschools/daycares helping Working Parents across India

It’s a constant battle for choosing what’s best for your child starts from the day he is born. From selecting the best paediatrician to dressing him up in best clothes, from starting with the right solids for him to buying the best toys & books for him. But one of the toughest decisions that a parent has to make is finalising a pre-school of their kid.

Child’s first transition from home to preschool thus it’s very important to find a preschool that introduces your toddler to academic learning while playing and grow with all necessary skills needed for early childhood development. Here is the list of top 10 best preschools of India working for child’s early education:

  • Klay Prep Schools & Daycare: They set the standard for Early Childhood Education – an unforgettable experience of independent learning, creative thinking and strong values for your little one! The preschool program at KLAY has a unique mix of structured and spontaneous experiences in a safe, healthy and multi-sensory environment. Each centre has purposefully designed learning centres to support fun and educational learning experiences. Register here for more info.
  • Kara4Kids: Kara was founded in 2006, they strongly believe & stands by their ethos that the core of Kara is Love. The team at Kara4Kids envision to lovingly nurturing children in a safe and homely environment by focusing on their physical and mental well-being so that they can learn and advance with a smile on their face. Over 2000 kids, Kara serves a best in class facilities, nutritious meal and healthy, hygienic & loving environment to children. Register here for more info.
  • Mindseed: Awarded as Best preschool of India. Mindseed was Founded in 2004, 47 self-operating pre-schools working for more than 10,000 children. In Mindseed they constantly track every child’s behaviour and follow 1 child: 1 curriculum for teaching. They are providing live video streaming to parents. Mindseed provides an environment that will enable children to learn faster and achieve mastery in various skill sets. Register here for more info.
  • Sunshine preschool & daycare: This chain is a venture of the SatNav group, which set up operations since 2005 and has nurtured more than 15000 children at its centers. Sunshine caters to children from 10 months to 12 years at their own centers. Key Features of Sunshine include Free CCTV access to parents, Age based activities, High level of hygiene, Safety and security, Comprehensive After School care, Playway teaching methodology and many more. Register here for more info.
  • Vallores: Vallores endeavours to provide the right start to the formative years of a child. The stimulating, happy and value based atmosphere paired with Montessori methodology of teaching ensures the holistic development of the child. The curriculum is planned to promote positive growth in the lives of all children. Vallores believe in celebrating the uniqueness of each child and in encouraging them to be inquisitive explorers busting with virtues and potential to discover the grandeur of the world around. Register here for more info.